Create flexible concepts

The watch face is flexible enough to work well without any adjustment.

Adjustments for analog concepts

Some of your concepts will naturally take the shape of an analog clock.

Use a common design language

Try using a common set of colors and other design elements.

Round and square

Android wear devices come in different shapes and sizes.

You’ll need to consider square and round faces.

Naturally, some concepts will work better in a certain formats but a little planning will allow people to enjoy your watch face regardless of screen format.

Peek Cards

As a watch face developer you can choose to show a large, small or variable peek card. You can choose to adjust the content of a watch face when a card is shown.

Hotword and Indicator Icons

Consider the position of the hotword (“OK Google”) and indicator icons.

System UI

Try to keep critical elements in your watch face designs from being obscured by system UI elements.

Screen sizes

When creating a watch face design you will need to ensure your designs can be translated into both circular and square screen orientations.

Prepare your design to fit within a 320x320dp circular and square canvas. We recommend that you create designs using only vector artwork so that you can scale your designs easily to accommodate for future screen sizes and resolutions.

Canvas limitation

There are several canvas size limitations that all watch face designers should be aware of.

The Moto360, a watch model that features a circular display has a bevelled edge which distorts the visual display along its edge. For this reason we recommend you do not place important design elements within 20dp from the edge of the canvas.






Ambient screen burn


Ambient low bit

Design for all modes

We encourage you to create designs that translate well across all screen modes.

Simplifying 1-bit mode

If your design requires multiple data sources, it’s important to be extremely clear in how the information is presented.