Your Play Store listing should look as good as your watch face(s).


Your watch face can be listed as a standalone app on the Google Play Store or it can be added to an existing app that you may have already published (example).

If you intend on listing your watch face as a standalone app you should add the words “watch face” or “watch faces”. This will help differentiate from other smart phone and tablet apps.


This icon represents a bundle containing 10+ watch faces.


A single watch face can work well, but consider simplifying the design so it works well at varying sizes.


If you’re publishing a single watch face your icon can simply be a preview of the watch face itself.

If you’re publishing a bundle of watch faces within one app you’ll need to try and represent this within the icon.


Write an easy-to-understand description describing how your watch works.


Showing how your design looks on both square and round devices is super important.

Show movement

Show the movement of your watch face so wearers can understand how they work. This is especially important for abstract faces.


Create graphics to promote your watch face(s). These can be used on your Play Store listing and social media.